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Pro Landscaping RI provides both residential and commercial landscaping services. Commercial landscaping is more suitable for businesses than private homes.

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What Is Commercial Landscaping?

The difference between commercial landscaping and residential landscaping is maintenance. Businesses of all sizes rely on commercial landscaping to maintain their property through a variety of methods. The overall goal is to keep your outdoor areas clean and accessible.

That isn’t to say that the business’s commercial side doesn’t include landscape construction, too. Much like private residential landscaping, we can create beautiful installations to add stunning color and character to your property. Generally, the scale for commercial landscaping is much larger, but that’s not always the case. Properties that want to keep up good appearances on their lawn and outdoor spaces should choose the full-service landscape services offered by Pro Landscaping RI to ensure they get the most professional and comprehensive care possible for their money. Below are just a few ways our commercial landscaping jobs can help you and your business continue looking great all year round.

Lawn care

Commercial Landscaping Services

By providing the best commercial landscaping Providence, RI has to offer, we perform routine maintenance year-round. We can mow your lawn at regular intervals while pruning bushes and trees, raking leaves, and clearing your driveways and parking lots of dirt and debris. We can do all of this on a recurring schedule or as-needed basis.

The Pro Landscaping RI team also provides maintenance for seasonal and severe weather situations. Rhode Island winters being what they are, we provide snow removal services for our commercial customers. This service includes plowing, sanding, and ice management to keep all of your walkways safe.

Commercial Landscape Design

If you want to add greater visual appeal or accessibility to your place of business, our landscape design services may be right for you. We can construct patios, walkways, and stone walls. Plus, we plant new greenery and create natural water features like ponds. Let our team work together with you on your plan, and we’ll deliver the best work possible.

By hiring our team to tend to your commercial property, you’ll be maintaining a consistent, recognizable look all year long. You’ll also be taking a step towards upholding the safety of your staff and customers alike. Tasks like tree care and lawn care may seem minor or inconsequential, but even those tasks go a long way in presenting a beautiful and safe environment.

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Our team of professionals serving Rhode Island with all forms of landscape design and maintenance is ready to take care of your commercial landscaping needs. We have the best commercial landscaping Providence, RI, offers, with sincere dedication and close attention to details. Call us today at (401) 238-9890 for a consultation to learn more about our commercial services.


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