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When most of us hear the word “landscaping,” we think of lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. While keeping all your plant life in check is part of professional landscaping, there’s much more to landscaping services than that. Landscape design is one such service, and it’s one we provide at Pro Landscaping RI.

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Making a Landscape Plan

Before we get to work redesigning your land, we draw up a plan of how you want the final landscape to look. Professional landscaping requires this step, and we may spend a lot of time on it to ensure that everything is perfect and meets your specifications. At Pro Landscaping RI, we pride ourselves on collaborating with clients to create stunning landscapes.

Landscape design has two primary goals: to add style and function to your property. Creating a beautiful and unique landscape can add to your property’s overall value and add more function. Ultimately, though, it should be about customizing your land as you see fit. At its core, landscape design is about crafting your outside space into a unified space. Tending to your lawn and trees’ needs is a part of that crafting, but landscape design looks at the bigger picture all at once. Designers look at your current outdoor space and consider how you can utilize space by adding, moving, and removing elements.

Landscape Design

Natural Design Options

One of the most common Rhode Island landscape design services we offer is adding natural elements to your property. This service often means adding trees, shrubs, hedges, or other plants and greenery. However, it can also include physically reshaping the land to suit your tastes or needs.

Many of our clients choose to add natural elements that complement their homes in some way. For example, they may want to add a row of trees to cast more shade on their house. Another popular choice is using hedges to create pathways to and from the house.

Construction Design

Adding natural elements to your design plan requires construction, but that’s not what we mean with the term construction design. Instead, this is an area of professional landscaping that focuses on building constructs as part of your landscape. Construction design can include both natural and artificial elements.

Construction design can include additions to the house, like a deck or patio. However, our team also specializes in stand-alone features like garden walls, stone pathways, and retaining walls. Our landscaping services can account for any structure or design that you desire.

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