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If you want an amazing-looking lawn without having to lift a finger, you can call on the experts at Pro Landscaping RI. We have the know-how to perform all lawn care duties for your personal or commercial property. We’ll not only get your lawn looking gorgeous, but we’ll keep it healthy, too.

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Lawn Care And Lawn Maintenance

Whether you need a comprehensive lawn maintenance solution or want to spruce up a new or damaged property, we provide the best lawn care Rhode Island has to offer. With services and price ranges for private and commercial property alike, we’re confident we can work with you. Below are just some of the lawn care services we provide in Rhode Island. Everyone wants a beautiful, bright lawn, but it takes a lot of work to get it done, and to find the time to complete it can be a challenge. Between mowing, tree care, and shrub care, you need to put a lot of labor into your schedule. You can save yourself time (and get the work done faster) by hiring our professional lawn care team. Pro Landscaping RI can tend to your property on a regular schedule so that it maintains its best look, but our work goes beyond that. We tend to your outdoor space’s overall health as well. We’re able to diagnose and treat any problems with your lawn, trees, or bushes.

Lawn Care

Comprehensive Protective Rhode Island Lawn Care

Part of proper lawn maintenance is the work of pest control. Harmful pests, ranging from insects to invasive animals like moles, can cause untold damage to your landscape and destroy its visual appeal. Our team of lawn care experts has multiple ways to safely handle various pests without causing any more harm to your lawn.

Keeping your lawn healthy extends to the health of the soil itself. We can test the dirt for fungus, Lyme, and diseases that pose a risk to the plants on your property. This attention to detail is how Pro Landscaping RI helps your lawn to thrive.

Lawn Restoration

If you’re worried that the health of your Rhode Island property is too far gone for lawn care to do anything, think again. We have the tools to address even the most severe damage, repair it, and start the process of bringing things back to life. Our team works with arborists to guarantee that our diagnoses and treatments are the best for your area.

A key aspect of lawn restoration is delivering the proper nutrition. The type of grass you have, combined with environmental factors like climate, determines what fertilizer you need to grow healthy plants. This work is incredibly technical, and only a dedicated team like Pro Landscaping RI can perform it correctly.

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The best lawn care Rhode Island has for both private and commercial properties comes from Pro Landscaping RI. With a wide range of services available for all clients, we can address your needs with kindness and experience. Call us at (401) 238-9890 to learn more about how our team can help you.


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