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Pro Landscaping RI prides itself on its high-quality mulch and topsoil delivery in Rhode Island. We’ve cultivated an efficient system through decades of experience in the landscaping industry.

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Mulch Delivery RI Services

We understand the importance of mulch to Rhode Island homeowners and commercial property owners. Our high-class bark mulch adds to the beauty of your flower garden. Having a professional mulch company perform an installation ensures that your garden will stand out from the rest. Ocean State residents come to us because of our fast delivery times and expert presentation. Similarly, commercial property owners hire us to attract more customers to their business through our visually stimulating mulch presentation.

Our most-used service is our on-time mulch delivery. We’ve all seen that neighbor straining their back while attempting to carry five bags of mulch to their backyard. Skip the hassle and have our professional mulch delivery staff safely deliver mulch to your front door or garden. Additionally, mulch bags rip easily, which can damage the inside of your car. Let us take on the mess for you. Mulch is a vital ingredient in helping your flowers bloom. It enables the soil to soak in moisture, leading to a healthy floral garden. Mulch is especially important in Rhode Island, where the climate changes often. Quality mulch protects the soil from varying temperatures. This benefit helps plants survive the New England weather. Even if you don’t have a garden, mulch can prevent the spread of weeds in your yard. Spreading mulch along the edges of your yard keeps your grass looking fresh and clean.

Mulch Installation

Topsoil Delivery Rhode Island

In addition to our mulch RI delivery service, we also offer topsoil delivery. Popular with our commercial property owners, topsoil fills holes and patches bare spots.

Since topsoil is typically bought in bulk by businesses, you’ll want to take advantage of our delivery service. We can deliver all the soil you need with our large delivery trucks.

If you are attempting to grow grass in a patchy area, spread topsoil across the affected area. Then spread grass seeds and water the site daily. Just like our mulch service, we can spread the topsoil for you if you choose.

Other uses for topsoil include drainage improvement, garden installation, flower bed health, and appearance enhancement. Before each delivery, we ensure that you approve of the soil quality that we’ve selected for you.

Improving the outdoor quality of your home or business is what we do. Better yet, we get the job done fast. Use our topsoil to liven up your Rhode Island garden or yard, and make your neighbors jealous.

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Our expedited delivery process lets you get started on your garden or lawn project today. Plus, our expert topsoil and mulch RI team can ensure that your garden looks neat and professional. If you need mulch or topsoil delivery and installation, schedule it today by calling (401) 238-9890 during regular business hours.


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