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Few places are in more need of outstanding tree and shrub care than Rhode Island. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your yard or you need tree limbs removed after a nor’easter, a professional tree care service is of paramount importance.

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Why Trees and Shrubs Need Assistance

Trees and shrubs are equally as significant as grass to the aesthetic beauty of your front yard or backyard. But one of the issues that many Rhode Islanders face is not recognizing faulty trees before it’s too late. Since trees take several years to mature, proper maintenance is essential to growing that perfect tree. We provide tree care services such as trimming and pruning to deal with the extreme conditions that make Rhode Island unique for growing shrubs and trees.

Tree pruning is vital for many reasons. Having an array of beautiful trees in your yard can significantly increase the value of your home. On the other hand, having worn-down, unbalanced trees can bring the market value of your house down. This philosophy is something to think about if moving in the future. Taking proper care of your trees can be of great financial benefit to you. North Kingstown and East Greenwich residents looking for shrub grinding, tree removal, and pest control should get in touch with us here at Pro Landscaping RI. We have several years of experience providing the top-notch tree and shrub care Rhode Island residents need.

Tree and Shrub Care

Why You Should Call Us?

There are a variety of issues that constitute a call to a professional landscaping company. If your yard is full of trees, it is difficult for sunlight and rain to reach your grass. Overabundance results in serious issues. Part of our landscaping service is removing deadwood and extended branches, allowing your grass to flourish. This process also gives your yard a neater look.

If you have a tree with branches leaning too far in one direction, you’ll need to hire a landscaping company. Unstable trees are dangerous to keep in your yard, especially in Rhode Island. Heavy winds and severe storms can cause massive damage to your home. It’s best to remove hazardous trees in the late spring or early summer before extreme weather hits. Unkempt trees and shrubs are ideal homes for insects and diseases. Hiring an arborist team to clean up your shrubs decreases the number of insects and pests roaming around your yard.

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If you are concerned about your current tree situation or are looking to schedule regular maintenance services, call us today at (401) 238-9890. Our experienced arborist team will answer all of your questions. Pro Landscaping RI is the premier tree and shrub care Rhode Island landscaping company that residents come to for top-of-the-line service in East Greenwich and North Kingstown. We’ll help keep your home safe and visually pleasing.


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